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Revive as a brand was developed and designed to encourage the consumer to perceive skin health from the inside out.  One of our key focuses in development was looking at a person from the inside out -its not just what you put on your skin that matters. Revive takes a functional and integrative approach to skincare- We understand that people today live busy, stressful lifestyles and that one’s lifestyle varies from another and there are many who don’t have time for superficial beauty or complicated regimes-  Revive specializes in active skincare solutions and scientifically formulated ingestible nutraceutical supplements clinically proven to stimulate the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid and assist in preventing premature ageing. Our priority is to create powerful, effective, easy to adopt products that deliver visable, tangible results and can be used in combination with topical skin care or in isolation effectively.

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We create effective , easy to adopt holistic skin care routines designed to support you every day – at every age. We ensure you with superior bioavailability and properties for skin, body and cell regeneration


We use only the most bioavailable active clinically-proven ingredients with the lowest possible molecular weight, proven to deliver visible results. All of our ingredients meet the highest quality standards for purity and safety.


We pride ourselves in being South Africa’s first backed by science nutraceutical brand. Driven by efficacy and innovation, we utilise clinical data and cutting-edge technology to deliver scientifically formulated products that work.


At Revive we believe in pushing boundaries and taking skin care to a new level. We aspire to have an impact on peoples lives through innovative ingestible solutions.

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       Katerina Lambrakis

“Redefining modern Beauty. Challenging the possibilities of ingestible skincare’’

Revive is designed on the foundations of real people, real results. My vision has always been to create state of the art ingestible skin care and wellness products that deliver visable results and fit effortlessly into your daily routine at any stage of your life .

Through my personal experiences having suffered with long term IBS and severe ongoing postpartum hair loss after my first child was born, I tried every available supplement- None offered long lasting results that I had achieved through collagen. Collagen didn’t just help my hair and nails – it changed my life and quality of living!

My very own introduction to Ingestible Skin care and wellness was so transformative, I just knew I had the ability to impact peoples lives and this ignited my passion to start Revive and share with the world the real power of ingestible nutraceuticals.

Everything from the brands beginnings, philosophy and scientific innovation reflects my personal drive to help people discover real results from a world trusted brand.

I love walking this journey with my customers and knowing that I have had the ability to significantly add positive change to a persons well-being will always be a “ pinch me’’ moment.

Thank you for investing in a brand that puts your well-being first.

Katerina Lambrakis

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